Why 101EIP?

101EIP integrates collaboration management, human resources management, knowledge management and flow management altogether on one single cloud-based platform. 101EIP is designed based on the needs of enterprises making daily work more efficient to operate.

With our 101EIP platform, enterprises save budget on extra administrative labor costs, IT coding specialist costs, and databases or web server infrastructure costs; furthermore, our 101EIP helps reduce job repetition and save time for you.

Understanding nowadays people have their mobile devices with them 24/7, so Hundred Plus Corp has developed 101EIP mobile-access solutions and various web browsers availability allowing enterprise users to access 101EIP platform from your mobile devices anytime and anywhere you go!

Make your team’s collaborations run smoothly and enjoy the below benefits from using our 101 EIP product:

01NO high running costs
01NO IT specialists required
01NO long learning curve
01NO need to purchase additional systems