Feature 1
Minimize Cost
Our 101EIP is a “Pay-Per-Use Software” on a cloud-based platform that does not require enterprises to spend extra costs on infrastructures such as building a computer room and procuring hardware machines. 101cloud
Feature 2
Quick to Learn
Online guidances and demo videos are bundled with the purchase of our 101EIP cloud-based platform to speed up your time in learning our platform. 101cloud
Feature 3
Support Mobile Devices
101EIP mobile version supports both IOS and Android system and various web browsers. With a few sets up, you may also integrate 101EIP calendar function on your phone with both IOS and Android platforms natively. 101cloud
Feature 4
Online e Form Editor
No need of IT coding specialist. 101EIP offers online e Form editor function tailoring the needs of enterprises customized forms. 101cloud
Feature 5
Online Approval Made Easy
Make collaboration between various levels of management easy! The e
Form management consolidates procedures such as approval, designation and notification smoothly in order to ensure the accuracy and promptness of the administrative flow.
Feature 6
Connect with Your Team Effortlessly
With the human resource management in our 101EIP, all levels and different departments in one enterprise can communicate efficiently and collaborate smoothly by making announcements or share knowledge on one 101EIP platform allowing all members in the enterprise connected on the same page. 101cloud